"The videos on your website don't represent you well enough. Your performance was awesome!" - Kevin Rhude (Owner, State Theatre of Boyertown)

 "TBS rocks! 

 I want to thank... all the outstanding musicians in That Being Said for donating your time and talent to ArtsQuest to kick-off the InVision Photo Festival with the Slideluck party. It was just the kind of atmosphere and vibe we wanted, and That Being Said played a big part in the success of the evening.

Jen is a truly awesome lead singer--great voice, musicianship, energy, and stage presence. "  - Dave Willard (Bethlehem, PA)

"Just listened to your band profile. Great work y'all. I going to go "like" this on my fan page and add you as a featured like. " - Perry Costello (Singer/Songwriter, Hellertown, PA)

"We enjoyed having you! What a great performance!"  -

Bethlehem Farmer's Market

"Big rockin' thanks to the amazing members of 'That Being Said' for playing Longswamp Tavern last night...it's always a pleasure and we look forward to your return!"  -  Longswamp Tavern

"Awesome show today at the Bethlehem Farmers Market! Great meeting everyone in the band! We'll see you soon!" - Jeff C. (Whitehall, PA)

"Great meeting the band, n Jen ur awesome. Awesome night at comfort suites." - Laurie L. (Emmaus, PA)

"Your band was very entertaining !!" - James Supra (James Supra Blues Band, Lehigh Valley, PA)

"Nice job tonight TBS. Very tight. We're glad we finally were able to get to see you. Love you guys."- Chyrece F. (Bethlehem, PA) 

"Great job Friday night!!! If you need anything at all let me know."  - Kevin F. (Dave Phillips Music & Sound, Allentown, PA)

"Great show tonight y'all! Thanks for a good time."- Keri W. (Bethlehem, PA)

"You guys sounded great last night! (Jen) has a beautiful voice!"- Tex N. (Bethlehem, PA)

"Your band is awesome!" - Corey Trainer (Owner, The Steel Pub, Bethlehem, PA)

"Ya's were totally amazing! Great show at The Steel Pub! Sharon, you have the most amazing voice !!!" - Mark M. (unknown, PA)

"My jaw dropped." (Referring to a mix of one song to another) - Michael Phoenix (Allentown, PA)

"First time I saw you... very awesome show." - Scott T. (Easton, PA)

"You guys Rocked It! Everyone had a blast!!" -Deb Y. (Milltown, NJ)

"You guys sounded great." -Andrew Chervak, Owner, Producer, Midnight Studios (Phillipsburg, NJ)

"Umm I forgot how much fun your band is.. I had a freaking blast and actually knew all the songs!! I finally got to sing along haha.. Will be in touch to book future dates!!" - Lauren A. (Orefield, PA)

"You guys sounded fantastic last night!" - Joe V. (Schnecksville, PA)

"... That Being Said, with your Rock and Roll, totally rocked the show! YOU WERE ALL AWESOME!!!" - Frank E (Reigelsville, PA)

I went last night and had a blast with my husband Greg S******, and Sara B*****! We danced and danced! Fun! You are amazing! -Sherry S. (Coopersburg, PA)

...."Lastly, a BIG thank you to THAT BEING SAID for playing for us last night! They are a FABULOUS band that generously donated their night to help Autism Speaks! They MADE the night with their fabulous live music! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" -Fabulous Shoe Night Lehigh Valley

"That singer is great!" (Referring to Kate) - Tina S. (Northampton, PA)

"You guys sounded great tonight!" - Steve Berlen, from the band 'Romeo Vegas'

"Down here at the Hill to Hill Grille listening to That Being Said. Kate Mertz, you rock and just became my favorite singer. I think I just found my new favorite band.... " - John H (Bethlehem, PA. via Facebook)

"Truly a great night of fun and music (once again supplied by That Being Said). Love these guys :)" - Michael Geroni, from the band Groovitude

 "It was a pleasure working with you. It's always nice to work with great bands and great people" - Dave Van Vliet, Stage Manager, RAK Sound

"Thanks to you for donating your time and music to this cause (Sarah Parvin SoccerFest). It's always a pleasure working with professionals on the stage, who are also professionals at living life, by sharing their talents with others. Slainte!" - Steve Kelly, Owner, Semper Fi Sound